Women's Retreat

Save the date: March 24-25th.  You are not going to want to miss this.  “Masterpiece”  Women’s Retreat with special guest speaker Kathy Schwanke.   The retreat will be at Oak Forest Center.  To ensure your seat register below by March 12th.

 Welcome, Sister 

 One of the greatest strengths women have is the power to be relational. To   say, “I’m here” in the middle of worry, or “I get that” in the face of struggle.

 Here at ACV, we believe women’s ministry is more than a few pretty events   each year. We see it as an opportunity to encourage, learn from, and     strengthen one another in Bible-based and tangible ways.

 No matter who you are or where you’re at in life, we have a place for you.

 If you would like to get involved in our women’s ministries, or have any   questions on the following events, feel free to contact the church at

   715-483-1100. We look forward to seeing you get connected with other       women and, ultimately, drawn nearer to the heart of God.


Interested in Mentorship?

Our women’s ministry team believes strongly in the call of mentorship. If you would like to be mentored, or feel called to act as a mentor, please contact the church office and we can set you up with a partner and curriculum to work through.


Bible Study

Special Events

Events Coming Soon…

Get Involved

Join Us At Any Event!

Connect in Fellowship 

to build meaningful relationships

Retreats and conferences will provide wonderful connections with other women, as well as deeper spiritual growth.

Cultivate through Discipleship

to help us grow in our walk with Christ. Coming nearer to the heart of God.

Our women’s ministry invites women of all ages and all seasons of life to join us for a life changing study. Whether you’re a new Christian just beginning your walk of faith, or have been walking deeply with Christ for years, these studies will result in a living, fresh and active faith!

Care by Outreach

opportunity for practical, friendly ways we can reach those who do not know Christ.

Have an idea, or see a need? Let us know and we can assist you in organizing a project, or creating an event to reach out to fill the needs of our community. 

Cover in Prayer

To fight the battles of this world together, in the best way we have

Join us Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am for prayer. 

Want to host a prayer gathering? Contact the church office! 

Thursday Bible Studies

At the Church thursdays at 1:00 pm.

All are welcome to join as we come together for a Bible study on the Book of Romans and fellowship.

Widow’s Group

meets the second Thursday of the month at our place cafe in st. croix falls at 10:00 AM.

Join us and be uplifted and encouraged with others familiar with your loss. 

Jump in

Join a Study

Women’s Sunday School

Sunday Mornings, 9:00- 9:45 AM at the church, Classroom C. Led by Camille Bevens. 

Women’s Prayer Time

All are welcome

Tuesday mornings, 9:00-11:00 AM at the church led by Andrea Gravesen. 

Women’s Bible Study

Thursday Afternoons, 1:00-3:00 PM at the church led by Vermae Matheson. 

Interested in hosting?

You don’t have to lead to host a Bible study! Connect with a friend, or let us connect you to someone that is interested in leading. All you need to do is open your home and provide a comfy place to have fellowship.

Interested in leading a study?

We have numerous study options in our church’s library to choose from. Or you could simplify things even more and use one of the plethora of studies and lessons free on Right Now Media. Contact the church office if you’re interested in leading.

Unsure where to begin and connect?

That’s ok! Contact one of us to get connected and find a community of like-hearted women longing to get to know you and go deeper in Christ too.