Talking With Your Kids About Communion

  1. Gather Supplies
    You’ll need: 5 small objects from each family member, large towel, tray, juice (any kind), crackers.
  2. Read Together
    Luke 22:17-21
    Ask for a volunteer to read, or one of the adults read.
  3. Go Get It
    Each member of the family is charged with finding five small objects. Put all the objects on a large tray where everyone can see them (or just lay them out on one section of the kitchen table). Remove any duplicate objects. Cover the objects with a towel.
    Instruct everyone to leave the area to watch the video. While they are watching, an adult will arrange the objects where they can all be easily seen and make a list of what has been accumulated. Replace the towel.
  4. Watch It!
    Watch the following Video clip together, “The Story of Jesus.”
    Pay special attention around the 2 min. mark.
  5. Do You Remember?
    Bring the family together around the covered objects. Remove the towel and give everyone 20 seconds to look at all the objects. No, return the towel to cover everything.
    Start with the youngest family member. They will name one item they remember being on the tray. The adult will mark it off the list. The next youngest will remember another object and the adult will mark it off. Continue taking turns until no more objects can be remembered.
    The adult who made the list may need to give some clues. Remember to cheer each other on!
  6. Talk About It
    Is there something in your house that reminds you of someone you love, or something special you’ve done together? When you see it, you remember. Maybe it’s a piece of jewelry or a picture.
    There was a reason Jesus gave the disciples pieces of bread and wine. What was his reason? (He wanted them to use the bread and wine to help them remember. 1 Corinthians 11:25)
    What did Jesus want his followers to remember when they ate the bread? (That His body had been killed – broken – for them, to take the punishment for how they had disobeyed God. 1 Corinthians 11:24What did)
    What did Jesus want his followers to remember when they drink the wine? (That the wine represents a new promise between God and all people. Blood was a way to seal a new promise.
    God’s new promise came through Jesus‘s death, the shedding of his blood. All who trust in Jesus as their only Savior from their sin are called his people. God made a new promise through Jesus dying that God was providing a way for all people who trust in him to be his people, not just the Jews.)
  7. We Remember
    We remember Jesus when we eat the bread and drink the wine/juice. This is called communion. Communion is something that people who have chosen to except Jesus as their Savior do. They remember what Jesus did for them.
    People who are not Christians – people who have not made the decision to follow Jesus with their whole life – are not ready to take communion. They can’t remember what Jesus has done for them if they can’t put their trust in him.
    Set some type of bread that is flat (Crackers, pita chips, tortilla) and any kind of juice on your table. if you have decided to make Jesus your Lord and Savior, then he wants you to remember what he did for you each time you eat bread and drink juice.

    When we participate in communion together at church, it is a way for us to look back and remember what Jesus did for us, and to say, “I remember you and what you have done for me“ to Jesus.

Parents, we want to be able to assist you as you have these important faith conversations with your children. If there is any way we can help, please do not hesitate to let us know. Any of our pastors would be glad to speak with you about communion.